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YouThrive works with young people to identify who they are now, who they want to be in the future and how to get there.

YouThrive is an individualised, holistic and inspiring program that is aimed at developing all young people’s potential to thrive within their community.
The program offers young people personalised coaching, life skill development and real world opportunities to build skills, confidence, independence and work-readiness.
YouThrive is Brophy’s School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) Program. If you are interested in the program, but don’t have access to SLES funding, still get in touch!



Find out about Advantaged Thinking – the framework which guides all the work we do in the YouThrive program.

What to expect

Your very own Youth Development Coach will work with you weekly to develop a personalised plan centred on your goals and needsYour plan will include several different life goals depending on your aspirations for the future. You will also get to join small group sessions to build your skills. 

The program is delivered over four phases: 

Explore your strengths, dreams, options and possibilities 

Plan develop personal goals and a plan to achieve them 

Build on your skills, knowledge, networks and connections 

Engage in real-world opportunities, in your community, in your personal pathway

While the program will be tailored to your personal goals, you can expect to build confidence and learn skills in the areas of: 

· Healthy Lifestyle for Wellbeing  

· Communication and Relationships  

· Dealing with Change   

· Knowing your Legal Rights  

· Practical Life Skills eg: cooking  

· Career Exploration

· Pathway Planning and Goal Setting

· Workplace Rights and Responsibilities  

· Teamwork, Decision Makingand Problem Solving  

· Planning and Organising  

What you will gain

-Our Youth Development Coaches are more than just another service – we’re genuinely invested in your success. As a YouThrive participant, you can expect to gain: 

  • Increased ability to live independently and connect to your community 

  • An understanding of how things work in the workplace 

  • Confidence to join the workforce 

  • A turbo-charge of your life skills, including communicating with others and dealing with challenges 

  • Connections to education and training providers, business owners and managersand people already working in your interested career field.


Young people aged 15 to 25 years are eligible for the program if they have an NDIS Plan with one of the following support codes:

– 102 – Finding and Keeping a Job – Assistance to Access and Maintain Employment or higher education
– 106 – Increased Social and Community Participation – Assistance In Coordinating Or Managing Life Stages, Transitions And Supports 
It’s ok if you don’t have these codes in your plan – if you get in touch with us, we can help you to explore your options.
Please note: 
For accessing support code 106, young people’s NDIS Plans need to be either Plan Managed or Self-Managed.
Young people are required to be independent with their self care to engage in the youThrive program (e.g. able to undertake personal hygiene, eat, move around and toilet independently). 

Meet the team

Kim Watts
Manager – Youth Opportunities Team
5561 8888

Ben Clegg
Employer Engagement Lead
5561 8888

Pru Lilani
Youth Development Coach
5561 8888

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I be involved with YouThrive?

The program is individualised to the needs of the young person and generally funded through the SLES (School Leavers Employment Support) category in their NDIS Plan. This means young people can engage in the program for 2 years. If you are not eligible for SLES, we can explore other NDIS options for you to access the program.

When does the program start?

Whenever you’re ready to join in! Get in touch today – call Brophy on 55618888 and ask to speak to someone about youThrive, or fill out the details below and we’ll call you.

What sort of activities can I expect from the YouThrive program?

All activities are lead by you and supported by your Youth Development Coach. Other participants have chosen things such as ….outdoor activities, connect with people working in particular interest areas, connect to community activities, develop living skills, navigating public transport, focusing on your dreams and goals, as much fun as possible!

Who do I talk to about my eligibility for the YouThrive program?
If you are interested to hear more about how the YouThrive program can support your goals it is as easy as discussing with your Support Coordinator to see if you are eligible.

Let's have a chat!