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Brophy is committed to deepening its support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination through listening and effecting change through action.   

We are guided by our community’s First Nations leaders and their communities as our journey as an organisation continues through our Reconciliation Action Plan to achieve systems and organisational change that strengthens respect of culture, builds equality and equity, understands the historical wrongs, and advocates for constitutional change. 

Commitment to community is at the heart of First Nations cultures and Brophy as a community-based organisation shares this value of building advantaged communities. 

We are dedicated to doing our part for reconciliation, upholding cultural safety and providing opportunity for all First Nations people. 

This mural at Foyer Warrnambool was created in collaboration with Sherry Johnstone, a proud Keerray Woorroong woman and owner of Spirit and Soul Creations. Students from Warrnambool College’s Clontarf and Kalay programs as well as students from Foyer Warrnambool contributed to the design and creation of the artwork.


Brophy is committed to developing a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) to ensure good intentions are converted to meaningful action.

Brophy is seen as a leader in the community services sector across the Great South Coast and is undertaking a key role in ensuring that meaningful change, reconciliation and the support of Aboriginal self-determination is promoted in the wider community.

Our Reflect RAP, which is being produced with guidance from Reconciliation Australia, will provide a framework to continue to engage and strengthen our relationships with local Aboriginal people and organisations. 

Brophy is aware that this is an ongoing journey and that it will take an Agency approach to continue to forge new relationships and strengthen those which currently exist.


Meeting rooms in the Community & Youth Complex Building (210 Timor Street) have been renamed with the name of a native Australian animal in the local Gunditjmara Language as a way of demonstrating Brophy’s allyship to our First Nations community and the lands we work on.

This occurred in collaboration and extensive consultation with First Nations stakeholders.


Brophy’s Strategic Plan is working to deepen the organisation’s commitment towards First Nations self-determination, reconciliation, cultural safety and growth. It specifically includes items relating to these objectives which the Agency is working to achieve through 2024.


Brophy’s workforce, including staff, volunteers and board members are trained in First Nations Cultural Safety. This is facilitated by the Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Inc.

The training is to ensure we understand the guiding principles of First Nations Cultural Safety, understand the historical context and challenges Aboriginal people have faced, and know the key actions we can undertake to drive Reconciliation within our workplace and community.