Brophy is committed to providing a supportive and welcoming environment for members of our LGBTIQA+ communities.

Our intention is to continue to create and deliver programs and services to meet the needs of people of diverse sexual orientation and gender identity to support and improve their health and wellbeing.

We are dedicated to fostering a safe and inclusive workplace that is free from bullying and discrimination, and one that understands, values and welcomes sexual and gender diversity.

SAFE in the South West Project  


SAFE in the South West is strengthening the capacity of the Great South Coast region of Victoria in supporting, and celebrating LGBTIQA+ people across the south west.  The project supports LGBTIQA+ people by: 

  • Advocating for and promote LGBTIQA+ inclusion and celebration across the region.   
  • Creating visible safe places for our LGBTIQA+ community via our Safe and Welcome Place initiative and monthly pride nights.  
  • Delivering training and supporting models of inclusive practice to community and health organisations to improve the health and wellbeing outcomes for our diverse community members and their families of choice.  
  • Providing Gender Affirmation support for TGDNB community and their families/carers.  
  • Facilitating safe spaces where diverse people and their peers can meet regularly- offering social support and ability to increase peer networks in a fun and inclusive environment. 


Yumcha ‘a little bit of everything’ Diversity Group (12 – 17 years): YUMCHA is a safe place for youth, whether they are Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Bi, Trans*, non-binary, born with an intersex condition, or anything sexually diverse (or you support those who are!)   

Yumcha For Big Kids (18 – 25 years): SAFE Group is a space for those over 18 wanting to have a positive impact in the South West supporting and celebrating our LGBTIQA+ communities. This group offers social connections while working towards goals and outcomes, with opportunities to create and participate in advocacy work, activities, events and celebrations for all community.  

Spark Café 

Peer group space for Trans, Gender Diverse, Non-binary and those who are unsure/questioning. Spark Cafe aims to create an affirming safe space for TGDNB people to share knowledge and connect with community. Monthly sessions.

LGBTIQA+ Inclusive Practice Workshops

Sessions provide opportunities for participants to learn about a range of different topics, including:  

  • LGBTIQA+ identities 
  • Inclusive language
  • Experiences and impacts of discrimination
  • Gender affirmation and healthcare pathways 
  • Rights and responsibilities 
  • Service access and inclusive practice initiatives 
  • How to be a good ally 

Our current focus is the education and health sectors. Contact SAFE in the South West to discuss your organisations training needs. Email for a training request form.  

How to be involved  

No formal referral or appointment needed to access SAFE in the South West activities. Contact can be made via website, social media (see below) or contact our SAFE in the South West Team on 55618888 or in person at Brophy CYC 210 Timor St. Warrnambool.  

How to keep informed  

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