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Brophy provides supportive and professional family violence services including counselling, case management, and individual and group programs.

Men and Family Relationships (MFR) Program

The MFR program offers a range of counselling and support services to men to provide support through times of change, challenge and crisis.

This may be support with:

  • relationships
  • conflict
  • improving communication skills
  • fathering
  • coping with change
  • dealing with loss
  • separation

    Services for Men who Use or have Used Family Violence

    Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP)

    The MBCP is a 21-session program for adult men who use or have used family violence. This program aims to:

    • encourage men to take responsibility for their use of family violence
    • provide an opportunity for men to explore and reflect on their attitudes and beliefs that may influence their use of violence
    • increase men’s understanding of the impact of their use of family violence towards their partners, children and family
    • assist men in making changes towards developing safe and respectful relationships with their partners, children and family.

    Men’s Case Management (MCM)

    This program offers individual support for men aged 18 years and over who want to take responsibility for and stop their violent and abusive behaviour, and are finding this difficult due to other challenges.

    If this program is suitable for you, we can work together to address the challenges you are experiencing and assist you on your journey of change.

    MBCP and MCM Family Safety Contact Work

    An integral part of both the Men’s Behaviour Change and Men’s Case Management programs is ensuring everyone stays safe: men, women and children. This is why we have a family safety contact worker who will contact and offer support to families of men who are engaged in these programs.

    It can be hard to see how your actions are affecting your family. But things can be different and we can help.

    Family Violence Services for Women and Children

    Women and Children’s Program

    This program offers counselling and support to women and children who have experienced family violence. Our practitioners can provide information, referrals and counselling tailored to your individual needs.

    We believe that everyone has the right to be safe and to live a life free from violence. We are here to listen to your experiences without judgement and support you on your journey.


    Formerly the South West Family Violence Partnership Program (SWFVPP), HEART provides a therapeutic support service to adults and children in their recovery from family violence. This service can be accessed by calling SW CASA on (03) 5564 4144.

    ARISE (Adolescent Relationships Integrating Safety and Empathy)

    Australian Childhood Foundation and Brophy Family and Youth Services are working together to support young people who have used family violence in the home and need support to develop safe and healthy relationships. ARISE is a free and inclusive program. We work with young people aged 12 to 17 years and their families living in the Wimmera South West.