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The School Focused Youth Service (SFYS) works with schools to support students from Grade 5 to Year 12 who are attending school to remain engaged, or to re-engage with learning.

We work in partnership with local schools, education agencies and community services to deliver targeted interventions for students that aim to the build the capacity of schools to better support those students to remain actively engaged in their learning and successfully complete their education.

SFYS is available to support students across government, catholic and independent schools and can link your school to a wide range of youth support services, including:

  • Targeted interventions to provide opportunities for these students to improve their social and emotional skills and foster greater self-esteem, develop more positive attitudes towards learning, and experience success.
  • Build the capacity of teachers and support staff to better understand and respond to disengaged students.
  • Assistance with referral and support options for vulnerable students.

We work with schools to identify the most constructive approach to supporting students and can also tailor programs to meet the unique needs of your school and the students you work with.

The program aims to create connections with community organisations that can provide dynamic and supportive programming for students, staff and families.

School Focused Youth Service is funded by the Victorian Government Department of Education and Training.