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The Community Investment Committee (CIC) works with the community to boost youth employment opportunities in the south-west. It aims to strengthen existing efforts in a more coordinated way through investing in community expertise and resources.

The CIC connects employers, educators, service providers, and local councils who collaborate for youth employment solutions. Together, they work with state and federal governments. CIC members work to:

  • Coordinate investments and employment opportunities for young people in their community
  • Implement solutions based on local priorities outlined in a specific Youth Employment Action Plan for the south-west
  • Enhance local strategies with a broader impact on a national scale 



The CIC is part of the National Youth Employment Body (NYEB) at the local level. Its goal is to coordinate local and national efforts in employment, industry, education, and training to address youth unemployment effectively.

Members contribute by:

  • Sharing insights on the local job market
  • Identifying opportunities and challenges for young people
  • Figuring out ways to leverage key systemic opportunities and fill gaps


“As a result of its diverse industry experience, the Warrnambool Moyne Community Investment Committee is able to create effective action plans based on their collective knowledge and expertise. It’s no surprise at the close of each meeting you leave energised by the people around you and enthusiastic for the steps ahead supporting capacity building, youth led conversations and pathways to sustainable employment.”

– Angela Hewett

“Without doubt, the CIC is one of the most fulfilling committees with whom I have been involved. The CIC is professionally managed and run but friendly and supportive of its members. It is innovative, flexible and committed to outcomes that are relevant to young people, but built on the broad experience of the CIC members.”

– Jim Burrell

“The Community Investment Committee (CIC) has been a great space for business leaders to engage with youth of the region to understand how we can collaborate with them to set them up for career success. We are all fortunate enough to learn from our local youth to ensure we are offering contemporary and relevant work spaces for them to thrive. The flow on effects of this benefit the community as a whole.”

– Renee Anyon