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Your rights as a service user

  • To have your privacy, confidentiality and dignity respected at all times.
  • To be treated with courtesy.
  • To make decisions for yourself and to be encouraged to do this.
  • To have your carer, family, trusted friend or advocate involved in your care if you wish.
  • To be assisted by your worker but not pressured into a particular direction.
  • To be kept waiting no longer than necessary to receive a service.
  • To refuse a service.
  • To a private space for discussions.
  • To access services without discrimination.
  • To be informed and consulted about available services and other relevant matters.
  • To seek an independent advocate if you feel you need one.
  • To access services that are culturally appropriate.
  • To access interpreter services free of charge if you need them.

You also have the right to complain.

For more information please refer to the feedback page.