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Working at the Orange Door offers the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on the lives of families, children & young people in our community.


The Orange Door was implemented across Victoria as the intake and assessment point for Family Violence and Child Wellbeing support. The safety of victim-survivors is the Orange Door’s first priority and drives the work our staff do day-to-day.

You’ll work alongside with other agencies and Brophy staff in a world-first service model and modern work environment to deliver rewarding and meaningful support to people from all walks of life.

Please note – your qualification will need to meet the minimum requirements. Read more on this below before applying.



Rewarding. Exciting.

A role where no two days are the same. 

Hear from Teresa and Shey – our Practice Leads, about working at the South West Orange Door.

Victoria’s Specialist Family Violence Practitioner Minimum Qualification Policy 

Prompted by Recommendation 209 of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, the Victorian Government designed a policy to enhance the sector’s capabilities and empower family violence practitioners in Victoria to deliver support and responses that are of high quality and culturally appropriate.

Recognising the substantial changes introduced by this policy, a five-year transition period commenced  in July 2021. This transition period was to provide individuals embarking on careers as practitioners with various options to meet the new mandatory minimum qualification requirements.

Until June 30, 2026, employers are allowed to hire candidates with a minimum of 5 years of relevant professional experience or those holding a related qualification. However, candidates must commit to undertaking further study within 5 years to attain an equivalent qualification. This pathway provides flexibility for experienced individuals to continue working in the sector while pursuing the necessary qualifications.

The significance of individuals who bring cultural expertise or lived experience to the family violence workforce is also recognised in this policy. Candidates with lived experience or cultural knowledge, facing barriers to education, will be given a 10-year window to work towards the minimum or equivalent qualification, contingent on an agreement with their employer.

This policy underscores a commitment to elevating the standards of family violence practitioners, ensuring cultural competency and inclusivity. By recognising the value of cultural knowledge, lived experience, and relevant expertise, the policy aims to build a diverse and skilled workforce capable of addressing the complexities of family violence with sensitivity and effectiveness. 

Quick Check!

Are your qualifications:

    • Able to meet the Victorian Government’s minimum mandatory qualifications requirements for specialist family violence practitioners (as prompted by Recommendation 209 of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence) in that you:

      • Hold a Bachelor of Social Work or other equivalent qualification (or are currently enrolled and working towards this)
      • OR have minimum 5 years relevant professional experience and willing to undertake further study to gain equivalent qualification by June 2026. 
      • OR a related qualification as per the mandatory minimum qualification requirements and willing to undertake further study to gain equivalent qualification by June 2026. 
      • OR hold significant cultural knowledge and experience or lived experience, and have faced barriers to educational pathways and have a willingness to meet minimum or equivalent qualification within 10 years.
      • OR are considered exempt under the policy (practitioners who were part of the specialist family violence practitioner workforce prior to 2021)

For more information and a quick guide to assessing your current qualifications inline with the policy please click here.