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Recognising the strengths and talents of the south west Victorian community for almost 50 Years, the Brophy Family and Youth Services of today is a far cry from the hostel accommodation that was a home for troubled boys in the early 1970s - a home that launched the Agency we have today.

The Brophy of today is a quality accredited Child Safe, not for profit organisation, with a community based Board of Directors. We are a multi – site organisation, with sites based in Warrnambool, Portland, Hamilton and provide outreach services throughout the region.

We engage an Advantaged Thinking approach - we believe in people and that every person has the right to feel meaningfully connected, safe and included.

Through our values, we strive to be inclusive of everyone we work with and for. We want to build advantage in our community, create meaningful connections and encourage the skills, talents and dreams that exist in every person for them to create the life they want.

With just over 180 employees, our network of services is expansive and we continue to innovate and adapt to the needs of the community we serve.

We live here, this is our community.

Welcome to Brophy.

Our Purpose

Building an advantaged community that is meaningfully connected – creating the life they want.

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Our History

Brophy has been providing support to the south west community for almost 50 years.

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How We Work

We are committed to upholding the highest standards in our service delivery – we take our work seriously, we aim to be inclusive of all who we work with and for.

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