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Foster Carers are urgently needed

Brophy is the only 24/7 local response Agency for foster families in the South West Region.

Contact us to speak to our Foster Care Engagement Team.


Warrnambool and Portland offer free, confidential, youth friendly health services for young people aged 12 -25.

Have you been refered to TtW?

Our Coaches will work with you and employers to find a local job that is a great match. If you are 15-25 currently not at school or studying, we would like to talk with you.

Your future is our focus.

Brophy delivers outstanding support to our community’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Brophy Family and Youth Services provides for more than 40 programs with 170 staff. We operate across the South West of Victoria, based in Warrnambool, with hub sites in Portland, Hamilton and Colac.

I’ve been able to study and work because of Brophy. Everything has settled down and I feel like I am on track. I love my job, working in indigenous healthcare means a lot to me.

Tayla Wakely


Being regional does not mean isolated from the support you need. We are connected with many partner agencies across the South West to create better client outcomes regardless of location.

Advantaged Thinking

Each individual is unique with skills, talents, hopes and dreams. We work with you to empower you to thrive so that you can create the life you want and be connected to your peers and community in meaningful ways.


Brophy programs have the highest standard of best practice. We use the best industry knowlege to support you so that we both succeed together.

Social Justice

Promoting justice, fairness and human rights.


Practising in an ethical, respectful and inclusive manner.



Strengthening and enabling individual and community decision making.


Responding in a timely, engaging and respectful manner.



Striving for shared connections to create better client outcomes.


Referring agencies and clinicians please contact us. 1300BROPHY

Youth health  |  Child safety 

Emergency accommodation and food relief