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Our Hamilton Office at 98 Thompson Street is now open to the public!

Officially opened at the beginning of August 2021, we have had a few COVID ‘open and close, open and close’ situations, but we are thrilled to have a warm and welcoming space for the Hamilton community to locally access our programs and services – being regional does not mean being isolated from the support you need.

Our permanent Hamilton team includes TTW Youth Development Coaches Victoria Easton and Nathan Brown, Hamilton Customer Services Officer Karen Pepper and Hamilton Services Coordinator Rowena Brinkmann.

Along with the outreach teams we offer local support in programs including Transition to Work, No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS), School Focused Youth Services, Youth Specialist Alcohol and Other Drug Programs including DARE, SAFE in the South West, Foster Care, Kinship Care, Better Futures (Leaving Care) and Youth Justice Programs.

To find out more about the programs and services offered in our Hamilton between 9am-5pm on Monday, Wednesday or Thursday, give us a call on 5599 924.

We look forward to seeing you soon.