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Foyer students playing a part in 2022 Warrnambool Coaster Show!

Warrnambool Foyer and Warrnambool College students are teaming up to coordinate the 2022 Warrnambool Coaster Show.

So what’s it all about? The Coaster Show is all inclusive Art Showcase of small round artworks. Entrants can submit a max of three artworks of any medium, individual pieces or part of a set. The only restriction to creation is size. The standard size coasters we are using for this show are round with a diameter of 95mm.

What can you expect to see? In past years the Coaster Art Show have had submissions of artwork in a wide variety of styles and created from a wide range of materials: tufted rug, metal, paint, embroidery, glass, pencil, pen, spray paint, and wood have all been used in past shows. Entrants can sell their individual artworks at any price and we as organisers wont take any commission.

What is the timeframe? The Coaster Art Show will be accepting entries from mid august this year, entries closing on September 1st. Each art piece must be submitted with the small entry form and also helpful is a name of the back of the coaster gmail. The art will be shown at a space the the F Project on Timor street. The opening day party will be on the 10th of September and subsequent gallery opening dates to be announced.

This will be the third coaster show in Warrnambool, the first in 2016, second in 2019. If this year’s show is anything like those in the past we are in for a dynamic and genuinely impressive display of local artwork. Being involved in this show is a really fun and inspiring experience.

We are encouraging more young people to enter and get involved as it’s Youth Month and we want to highlight the amazing talents that young people bring to art, culture and community!


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