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Brophy will launch a first of its kind campaign to inform and educate those interested in learning about foster care. 

The Warrnambool, Hamilton and Portland-based agency will host a Facebook live Q&A to headline its Foster Care Week activities on Tuesday, September 14. 

The aim of the session will be to provide information to people who want to learn more in a no pressure, no obligation environment.  

The team will discuss frequently asked questions before opening the floor to any viewers in a digital forum. The team will also dispel common myths about foster care. 

Brophy Foster Care Engagement Coordinator Kylie Gaston said her team was keen to let people know fostering didn’t have to be full time. 

“Even just caring for a weekend a month can make a huge difference in the lives of young people,” she said. 

“We recognise that local care for local kids is really important so they can stay connected to their schools, hobbies and friends. 

“To be a foster carer, you just need to be over 21 and have a spare room available. All you need to do is care.” 

Kylie said Brophy was excited to launch the innovative Q&A. 

“It’s something a little bit different and something we’re hoping people who have an interest in learning about foster care can take a lot from,” she said. 

“We’re always on the lookout for new carers and we know how rewarding it can be. 

“We’re hoping the openness and reach of Facebook live can spread the message to those who might not have previously encountered it.” 

The live Q&A will begin at 7pm on the Brophy Family & Youth Services Facebook page. Anyone is welcome to tune in and share questions in the comments! 

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