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Brophy’s Stoked Surf Therapy program is proud to be part of the SheShaka Exhibition, which launched at The Slab Lab in Warrnambool on Friday, June 14

It comes after the exhibition, created by the University of Melbourne, ran in Melbourne from November to December 2023.

Gender equity and cultural diversity in surfing is an ongoing issue. Women, girls and gender diverse people from diverse backgrounds face barriers to feeling safe and welcome in the surf. This exhibition explores the fun, frivolity, power and passion of surfing women.

Developed as part of the SheShaka Project, these participant captured photographs express the experience and perception of what it’s like to be a woman or girl who surf.

This stunning set of photographs by women and girls from the far west coast of Victoria draws powerful parallels between the gender inequity experienced when surfing and the gender inequity faced by women on land.

The SheShaka Project is supported by a Melbourne Social Equity Institute Seed Funding Grant and project partners, Surfing Victoria and Brophy Family and Youth Services. See images below!