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Tenancy Plus

Tenancy Plus aims to assist Office of Housing tenants to establish and sustain their residence to reduce the risk of homelessness.

This voluntary program focuses on providing you with support on issues that may place your tenancy at risk and by assisting you to ensure that your tenancy is sustainable and enjoyable. This may include advocating for you at VCAT. We also encourage you to be active in helping to achieve identified goals.

Establishing Successful Tenancies

Tenancy Plus workers are available to assist new tenants or tenants who have shifted into new surroundings who may require assistance to ‘establish’ their tenancy. In partnership with your worker, the aim is to identify and address the issues impacting on your ability to make a successful transition into the Office of Housing property. By providing support at this early stage, a successful long term tenancy can often be the result. Tenancy Plus can also assist tenants with priority transfer applications.

Intervention At Risk Tenancies

Tenancy Plus workers assist Office of Housing tenants whose tenancies maybe ‘at risk’ of possibly breaking down. In partnership with your worker, the aim is to identify and address issues impacting your tenancy. Your Tenancy Plus worker may also help to access other Government and non-government organisations that could provide assistance.


Contact Brophy Family & Youth Services on 03 5561 8888 and ask to

speak with a Tenancy Plus worker


Speak to your Office of Housing Worker at the DFFH office.

 Tenancy Plus provides services to the Warrnambool City and Shires of Moyne, Corangamite, Glenelg, & Southern Grampians