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Foyer Warrnambool is partnering with Victoria’s Container Deposit Recycling Scheme, meaning the south-west community can support a program which supports young people to reach their employment, educational and lifestyle goals.

The Foyer Warrnambool has registered as a charity for the Container Deposit Scheme Victoria. Any member of the community can visit a deposit site and donate funds from cans or containers to the Foyer.

The project will raise funds for the students living at the Foyer. The money raised will support student activities, purchasing birthday/Christmas gifts for students, donations to charity partners in the south-west or other miscellaneous items.

To donate, simply download the CDS Vic West app on your iPhone or Android phone. From there, click charities, and select Foyer Warrnambool as your payout. Each time you deposit cans or bottles, scan the barcode and your funds will automatically donate to Foyer Warrnambool.

The scheme has been extended throughout Brophy, and will mean eight bins are available across all buildings for staff to access.

Brophy staff have been encouraged to deposit any eligible cans and containers into the bins, which will be emptied and cleaned once a week by Foyer staff and students