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Rough Sleeping

This program focuses on support and connection for people over the age of 25 who are experiencing homelessness issues and other complex needs.

This program allows us to work with you, in the community, to receive support and referrals for homelessness issues and other complex needs.

 Support to connect with:

· GP’s for physical health support

· Housing services

· Alcohol and other Drug support services

· Mental Health support services

Support may include:

· Providing immediate material aid

· Support to create goals and find solutions to homelessness issues

· Access to emergency accommodation and support to access permanent housing

Those Eligible:

People who have experienced recent and recurring episodes of homelessness

· Who may have issues with alcohol or other drugs or who may require support for their

mental health

· Desire to keep, or establish a connection to the community and services in the local area If

you are currently ineligible for service, you are free to contact us In the future if your

circumstances change.

Rough Sleeping Program provides services to people living in:

· Warrnambool City Council

· Moyne Shire

· Corangamite Shire

· Glenelg Shire

· Southern Grampians Shire

To Access this service:

Contact Brophy Family and Youth Services on 5561 8888