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The Challenge

Yes, there are more foster children than foster homes. Wondering if it will work or not, be a good fit, last, make a difference, be hard, or  that you might be taking on too much of a commitment is completely normal. During the past 25 years, since we’ve been supporting foster families, we’ve seen huge changes to what makes a family a family, but those concerns are pretty much the same. We understand.

The Solution

Each foster family is unique. Every household has differences. Every member of the family is part of the experience, and every foster kid doesn’t have a safe home unless it is with an Accredited Foster Carer. Being supported, having access to training and having finances to help is the solution. Brophy is here every step of the way.

Children need foster care in South West VIC

Children are in Brophy Foster Care

Our capacity to support new foster families


Support available

Fostering in a nutshell

Home away from home

Every foster child and foster home is different. This means that the time you spend with each child is meaningful and has an impact.

Financial support

Renumeration of the cost of children in your care is available and a wide range of supports can be accessed. We will help you navigate this part and also be adovactes when needed to assist with any issues that might arise. We’ve been supporting foster carers for 25 years. 


You won't be on your own

We have a 24/7 on call number and our foster care team are with you every step of the way. Sound like something ‘they all say’ but it’s true, our team are passionate and are invested in you feeling supported.


Accreditation is HUGE achievement (celebrate!)

The accreditation process take 60-90 days. That is a long time to wonder if you are making the right choice. It takes this long because it will help you prepare, and the tick in the box is a huge achievement. It means that we know you and your household are perfect for the job. It’s a very personal journey that will help you get to know our foster care team and us you. At all times your privacy is our number one priority. We know you are making a huge (amazing) choice and we are here from day one with you along the way.

  • Foster Carer Satisfaction 92% 92%
  • Succesful appplications 90% 90%
  • Applications processed 100% 100%
  • Foster Carer to Children needing homes ratio 20% 20%

More information

We have an information pack that will take you through step-by-step the stages to accreditation. There is information about the training you’ll receive and some very helpful links so that you can explore this decision you and those close to you are making.

Would you prefer to speak to someone face to face? We come to you.

Frequently asked questions

There are A LOT of questions that people need to know when weighing up if they could progress to applying for Foster Carer Accreditation. Below are a few that we’ve seen many times, we hope it helps. But please Do contact us directly. There is no such thing as a silly questions. We look forward to hearing from you. 

Will I make a difference?

Yes. It’s the simple things… You don’t need to solve their world, you just need to be in it and do your best to support them through their development while you have these children in your care. They’ll surprise you by how much they adapt and integrate the experience with you. You are going to make a difference.

Will there be problems and trauma?

People who get this far into checking out if foster care might be good for them always seem to have a pretty good handle on what to expect in the ‘hard’ corner. And it does exist. What you’ll also discover along the way is a lot of getting back to the basics with kids, which brings out joy and security. When kids feel safe they begin to trust, engage and broaden their horizons. We will be with you to help, to inform and provide training, connect you with like-minded carers for additional peer support and best of all to celebrate the wins and connections made along the way.

Can I choose which foster kid? I don't want to let anyone down ...

We focus on matching for a good fit. We are strapped for carers, so we will call if we need an emergency placement with you, but it is totally okay for you to say no when you know it’s not working. We understand that every household is unique and so are our foster children, so we take as much time as we can so support both having that good match for the best chance of success. 

Not sure if I would qualify?

Instead of telling you the hundreds of combinations that do qualify, let’s rule out some obvious ones:

– Children need to have a bedroom (sharing a room can be okay in some circumstances i.e same age/gender or siblings etc. We’ll give you guidance on this on a case by case basis).

– You are over 18.

– You already have, or could, obtain a Working with Children’s Check and pass a Victoria Police Criminal Check.

Religion, gender, sexual orientation, work commitments, solo or couple, large or small family, urban or rural… all of these worries needn’t be.

Not sure fostering is for me, but I'd still like to help.

Caring about Foster Care is really important. You can help by talking about the things you’ve learned here. The number one way for people to find us is by you letting them know yourself. If you know a great person or family that has been thinking about it but doesn’t know where to start, please share Brophy with them, we are here and are looking forward to getting in touch.