Sit down, have a chat and work it all out. And we’re on hand to help every step of the way.

Lifestyle changes: There are a few things to check in on. The biggest one is pretty straightforward: Are you and your family able to adjust to more members? 

Financial responsibilities: Kids can be expensive! There is a carer allowance available, but there might be additional costs from time to time. We’d advise you to look at if some costs here and there could affect your life or retirement plans. 

Behaviours: Children in foster care might produce difficult behaviour at times. For each step forward there might be two steps backwards. But when you achieve something together, it’ll be worth the wait.

It’s important to know the child or young person may have had a tough run. These include separation, grief and loss.

Challenges: It’s important foster carers have enough time, energy and space available both physically and emotionally.

Natural family and reunification: Children and young people in foster care are reunited with their biological family where possible.

The need to help children and young people move on can raise issues and feelings for foster carers related to their own values.