Becoming an accredited foster carer takes between four to six months and we will be with you every step of the way.

Step one: Attend an information session to meet the team and hear about our foster care program! No obligation or pressure whatsoever.

Step two: If you’re keen to proceed, we’ll catch up for a home visit as another opportunity to pick our brains about foster care. It’s also a chance to get to know you and work out if you could provide suitable care for a child or young person!

Step three: We then set up mandatory checks (such as police and working with children) and invite you to attend the foster care training and assessment program.

Step four: Our engagement team will provide ‘Shared Lives’ foster care training (the state-wide framework in Victoria), providing up-to-date information about becoming a carer. You’ll also receive a range of resources to support you throughout your journey as a carer.

Step five: We meet with you for assessment interviews. In these we discuss how being a foster carer would look in your household, how Brophy will support you as a foster carer and the types of foster care you are interested in.

Step six: After completing the training and assessment process, a panel of Brophy staff and external representatives will accredit you as a foster carer. Once you are accredited, we will match a child or young person with you!