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DARE: Drug and Alcohol Responding Early

The DARE program is an Early Intervention Drug and Alcohol service for young people aged between 12 to 25 in South West Victoria. DARE provides a range of evidence based interventions to support young people to build a solid social and emotional foundation.

DARE recognises that everyone is different so we support young people at different stages. This includes;

 Young people who want to change their substance use

 Young people who are OK about their substance use

 Young people who are not currently using but are at risk

How We Work: The program takes a trauma informed approach and uses evidence based interventions to best engage young people. DARE is a voluntary service and young people must agree to being referred before contact will be made. 


Eligibility To be eligible for DARE you must be:

 Aged between 12 to 25 years

 Live within South West Region

 Be impacted by substance use

 Be willing to engage with the service

Aims of DARE

  • To reduce the harm caused by substance use 
  • Improve ability to form meaningful relationships 
  • To support build coping strategies and alternatives to substance use 
  • To ensure current drug and alcohol use by young people does not escalate 
  • To provide access to appropriate services where required