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Volunteering @ Brophy

Brophy values volunteering and acknowledges the amazing support from community members

Volunteers currently support the following areas @ Brophy (to get involved complete the forms linked to this page)


Adult Volunteers

Brophy Board members

 Foster Carers

Kinship Carers

Foster Care Op Shop (207 Koroit St, Warrnambool) 

Kulcha Shift Events and Activities 

Kulcha's Friday Feed

Administration support 

Youth Volunteers

Kulcha Shift Events & Activities

YUMCHA Reference Group

Kulcha's Friday Feed 

Brophy recognizes the important role Volunteers have in providing high quality assistance to specific program areas.

Brophy supports volunteers by ensuring policies and practices appropriately reflect the volunteering roles throughout the organisation.

Volunteers are supported by the Brophy Volunteer Working Group whose purpose is to:
· ensure BFYS policy, procedures and program practice manuals incorporate and recognise the value and importance of volunteers 
· develop comprehensive policies procedures in relation to all aspects of volunteering at Brophy 
· develop an integrated approach to volunteer recognition and events 
· seek volunteer feedback and participation in order to develop recommendations on how to improve the organisation’s relationship with volunteers