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Support for Carers

Brophy recognise and value the important role foster carers paly and as such are committed to supporting carers to provide the best care you can.
As a foster carer you will receive:

  • Comprehensive & flexible training courses
  • Ongoing support and supervision for a designated case worker
  • Access to specialist support when necessary
  • Comprehensive after hours support from an on call service
  • Regular participation in planning meetings regarding the care of the child in your care
  • Invitations to ongoing training to keep your skills updated
  • Links to a buddy system with an experienced Brophy foster carer for informal support
  • Newsletters from Brophy which contain information and resources aimed at supporting foster carers

Brophy is currently undergoing training to become a trauma informed agency and has access to a specialist therapist to work with carers and children via a partnership with the Australian Childhood Foundation for extra support.

Foster carers are provided with a fortnightly reimbursement to cover their out of pocket expenses when caring for a child. These rates differ depending on the child’s needs.
For more information on rates contact your local foster care association:  www.fcav.org.au

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