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Rights and responsibilities


Your rights as a service user

  • To have your privacy, confidentiality and dignity respected at all times
  • To be treated with courtesy
  • To make decisions for yourself and to be encouraged to do this
  • To be assisted by your worker but not pressured into a particular direction
  • To be kept waiting no longer than necessary to receive a service
  • To refuse a service
  • To a private space for discussions
  • To access services without discrimination
  • To be informed and consulted about available services and other relevant matters
  • To seek an independent advocate if you feel you need one.

Our responsibilities as a service provider

Brophy Family and Youth Services has a commitment to providing service within a framework which is client focused and client driven.
Our staff has the responsibility:

  • To respect and treat service users with dignity
  • To inform service users of their options
  • To access relevant services within Brophy Family and Youth Service
  • To involve service users in decisions about service delivery planning
  • To respond to the diverse social, cultural and physical experience and needs of service users
  • To ensure service users receive the service which they have agreed to
  • To respect the privacy and confidentiality of service users
  • To deliver services to service users in a safe manner
  • To respond to service users complaints fairly and promptly and without retribution
  • To accept service users choice and involvement of an advocate to represent his/her interests
  • To consider service users views when planning, managing and evaluating service provision.

Your responsibilities as a service user

As a service user you are expected:

  • To respect the human worth and dignity of the service provider
  • To respect the human worth and dignity of other service users
  • To treat service provider staff and other service users with courtesy
  • To actively make decisions for yourself
  • To accept the outcome of any decisions you make
  • To provide feedback to the service provider so as to contribute to improving the service
  • To be responsible for informing workers of any issues which cause concern, so that referral to more appropriate services may be possible.