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Men’s Behaviour Change Program

In your relationship with your partner or your kids:

Are you acting like the boss?

Are you doing or saying things you later feel bad about?

Are you trying to control everything?

Are you lashing out with your tongue or your fists?

Are you making your partner or kids scared of you?

Is your relationship being affected?

Are you hurting the people you love most?

Aims of the program

Men's Behaviour Change is a group work program for men who want to change their controlling behaviours and become better men, partners and fathers.

Women and children have a right to live their lives freely and safely.

 When the men they love use their power as men to hurt, punish or control them, then the right is violated.


Using male power like this is called family violence. It can destroy lives and relationships.


If you are thinking about making changes to become a better partner or dad, or just a better person you don’t have to go it alone. The Men’s Behaviour Change Program can help you to make things different and help to put an end to family violence.


Accessing the Service

Men can ring 03 5561 8888 and ask to speak with a Men’s Program Worker.

We can arrange for an Intake interviewer to discuss your situation.

We can contact you within 48 hours for brief telephone support.


When you contact us for the first time, we will:

Meet with you so you can tell us about your situation and behaviour, and what you want to change.

Give you information about how our program operates.

Another appointment is then made for a full assessment. If that shows you are eligible a date will be given to you to commence a group session.


What happens in the group?

Participants talk, share information and challenge and support each other to be better men, partners, and fathers.

These groups can help you to make things different and help to put an end to family violence.

The Men’s Behaviour Change program is a free service.