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How to become a Foster Carer

Becoming a foster carer is a really important role THEREFORE THE PROCESS OF APPLYING, TRAINING AND COMPLETING THE NECESSARY CHECKS CAN TAKE UP TO 4 TO 6 MONTHS. We will require all adult members of the household to undergo the process so that you are all prepared to care for children.

Step 1: make an enquiry

The first step to becoming a carer with Brophy is to make an enquiry. You can do this by filling in the online enquiry form or by calling us on 55618888. We will then contact you.

Step 2: A chat over the phone

If your enquiry is not in person we will call you to give you some more information about foster care and answer any questions you may have about fostering.  If you are keen to continue the process we will arrange to come to your house and have a chat in person about the process to become a foster carer.

Step 3:    Information Exchange

When we meet at your house we will give you The Foster care pack. This pack explains foster care, the process to become a foster carer, and what to expect.  It will also contain the first initial forms you will need to complete in applying to become a foster carer such as police check, working with children check and invite you to training.

Step 4: Attend training

The foster care team facilitate “Shared Stories, Shared Lives training which is a state wide training package that is delivered to all new foster carers throughout Victoria.  This training is made up of 8 Modules that is usually run over 2 consecutive Saturday’s. You will also be provided with other resources to best support you along your foster care journey.
All training is run regularly throughout a calendar year.
Brophy also run “I care 2 training” - which is to prepare children of families who wish to foster.

Upcoming training dates can be found on our Facebook page

Step 5; Assessment Interviews

Once you have completed your new carer training we will meet with you over the course of 4 assessment interviews to discuss more about you.  This will include your life history, your styles of being parented and how you will encourage children to grow & develop.

From these interviews a report is then prepared which you will be asked to sign off on.

Step 6: Accreditation as a foster carer

After completing the training & assessment process the prepared report will be presented to the Brophy Foster care Accreditation Panel. This panel is made up of Brophy staff from foster care and other external professionals in the welfare sector. After your accreditation as foster carers you will be given a Welcome pack that includes a caregiver manual, a locked bag for safe storage of documents and other useful resources.

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