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Healthy Relationships Program

The Healthy Relationship program focusses on the primary prevention of sexual assault and violence against women and children and the health development of intimate relationships. It is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and is guided by extensive informed research. Its target group is Year 9 students and teachers within Warrnambool and the Moyne Shire.

Some of the areas that are explored include:

  •  Values
  •  Health and unhealthy relationships
  •  Partner intimacy
  •  Sexual consent and decision making
  •  Violence and sexual assault
  •  Where to go for support
  •  Supporting a friend, and
  •  The bystander.

It aims to develop values, knowledge, and skills alongside personal awareness, self-esteem and confidence so that young people may make informed, respectful decisions in their intimate relationships and also be very clear what violence is and the non acceptance of it.


Student feedback includes:


"It is good to know that there is somewhere to go for help, besides parents, friends and police. I loved the enthusiasm of Health Relationship’s program in helping young people"

"I learnt about sexual assault as well as what sort of partner I’d like to be and what sort of partner I want in a relationship"