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Family Violence Counselling

Further Information: 

This program provides Information, understanding, counselling and support for women and children that have been affected by Family Violence.

Who can use this Program?

 Any woman who has experienced or is experiencing Family Violence

 Any child or young person that has experienced or is experiencing Family Violence

Everyone has the right to feel safe & not live in fear.

What is Family Violence?

Family violence is when someone who has a close personal relationship with you harms you, controls you or makes you feel afraid. The violence may not always be physical, but can be emotional or psychological and create just as much harm. This behaviour is not your fault, it is the abuser who is responsible for the behaviour.

Accessing the Program

Contact Brophy Family & Youth Services: 9am to 5pm weekdays



Police 000

Women’s Domestic Violence Crisis Service Victoria

Toll free: 1800 015 188

Women experiencing family violence can call 24/7 and speak confidentially to another woman for information on family violence support services, legal rights and accommodation


Our service is both free & confidential.  No referral is required

 Family Violence is a crime. It is a violation of human rights