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Complaints and Feedback


Your rights

All service users have the right to complain about:

  • What services are offered
  • The way the service is delivered
  • How you have been treated

Service users also have the right to appeal or question a decision that they believe will make their life more difficult. For example if Brophy refuses to provide you with a service.

Using an Advocate

You have the right to complain or appeal a decision by working through an advocate. An advocate can be a trusted friend, family member or
a person from an advocacy service. Brophy staff will provide you with information on advocacy services and assist you to access these services if you request.

How do I complain or appeal?

Who should I see or speak to?
You can see or speak to your Brophy worker, another familiar Brophy worker you are happy to talk with, the team leader, Executive Manager or the CEO of Brophy Family & Youth Services.
You can also complain anonymously which means that you do not have to give your name. If you choose to do this it will not be possible for you to receive feedback on the result of your complaint.

What should I ask for if I want to complain, give feedback or make a comment?
Feedback forms are available in all reception areas. or you can leave us feedback via this website - Go to the TELL US WHAT YOU THINK section.

Copies of our policies are available via this website in ABOUT US section.

If you need some assistance please contact us.

Will they take me seriously?
Every complaint/appeal or feedback is taken seriously as we are keen
for information that contributes to improving our service.

Will I be punished for complaining?
Brophy sees complaints and appeals as important in safeguarding service user’s basic rights and at the same time improving our service delivery. Therefore we welcome service users telling us their experience of our service and working with our staff and volunteers.

How long will it take?
The time it will take to resolve your complaint depends on the type and seriousness of the issue raised, but all efforts will be made to deal with the problem within 30 days.
Appeals of decisions already made will be considered within one week of the appeal being lodged and a final decision within two weeks.