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Brophy Family and Youth Services

Our Profile

Brophy Family and Youth Services is the primary provider for youth and family services in South West Victoria. Brophy originated in 1974 with its beginnings in hostel accommodation for homeless youth. Over the years, it has developed a comprehensive range of services for young people, individuals and families. The agency provides regional services to Portland, Hamilton, Camperdown, Warrnambool and districts through its outreach programs. Its main office is located in Warrnambool and sub regional offices in Hamilton and Portland.

Our Vision

We will strengthen the capacity of youth, enrich the lives of individuals and families, and build the connections in our communities throughout South West Victoria.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide community based services that promote a just society and improve the life circumstances for people who are vulnerable and disadvantaged, especially those who are experiencing homelessness, family violence, marginalisation or disconnectedness.

Our Values

  • Social Justice – promoting justice, social fairness and human rights.
  • Professionalism – practising in an ethical, respectful and inclusive manner.
  • Empowerment – strengthening and enabling individual and community decision-making.
  • Responsiveness – responding in a timely, engaging and respectful manner.
  • Partnership – striving for shared connections to create better client outcomes.